Bereavement Support Services

Our team of caring Support Workers offer a listening ear to those who are recently bereaved. They will call as regularly as wanted during the first year of bereavement to check in and make helpful suggestions for coping and getting through

Our support workers are not counsellors, but are skilled at listening and are well equipped with suggestions and advice. Referral to our counselling team can be made when further support is wanted or needed and this is recommended if there are significant ongoing disruptions to living, eating, or sleeping patterns. 

As with all our support services, fees are based on an affordability conversation with each client to ensure that everyone receives the help that is useful to them.

To book an appointment or to discuss Bereavement Support further please call us 09 418 1457 or EMAIL US HERE.

We will ask what location you are in, briefly discuss your circumstances to determine the best counsellor for you and then discuss the counselling fees (these are based on your household income and what you can afford to pay, our goal is to provide counselling to everyone who needs it. We also help WINZ clients apply for grief counselling under the Disability Allowance).

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