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This online course was designed for Professionals in caring roles who work with clients or staff who may be facing a difficult life situation, significant change, or any form of loss or grief.

Who should do this course?

Anyone who works in a professional care role or supports people through all forms of grief and loss e.g. Social Workers, Teachers, Counsellors, Doctors, EMT, Corrections, Mental Health, Hospice, Volunteers etc.

Course structure

We have grouped this course into 4 modules:

1. The Impact of Difficult Life Situations

  • The nature and impact of difficult life situations, change, loss and grief
  • Common reactions that occur and influencing factors
  • Ways to cope-helpful and unhelpful

2. What does 'good support' mean?

  • What support can you offer?
  • Support needs that people have
  • Identify support priorities

3. Providing Good Support

  • Empathy versus sympathy and listening and empathy skills
  • Handling difficult conversations and being with a crying, anxious or angry person
  • When reactions are delayed or complicated
  • Respecting boundaries and accessing extra support

4. Strategies for Self-Care

  • Strategies for self-care as you support others - working sustainably

At the end of each module, there will be a checkpoint with multiple-choice questions that reflect the work you complete in the corresponding section.  To progress and complete the course you must answer these questions correctly.

The course takes approximately 120 - 140 mins to complete in one sitting but can be stopped and started again at any time.

CPD/OPD Certification and Points/Credits

We provide a Certificate of Participation for all our training courses.  Once you complete this course and all checkpoints you will receive your certificate by email.

If you have points/credits to be assigned, please email us with these details.  We currently provide points/credits to the following Organisations, Educational Institutes and Associations:

FDANZ 2 Credits
NZEA 2 Credits 
NZFIH 2 Credits 
NZSDRT 2 Points 



Standard Access $95.00 + GST per person
Group Access $90.25 + GST per person for groups of 5 or more
GC Partner Access $85.50 + GST per person



Click the country training access you require

1-555-894   2-441-119


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