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Supporting Children

Children and Young People Advice Support and Counselling  IMG 7830-149-524

The Grief Centre is building resources to provide information, support, advice and counselling to children, young people and their families dealing with loss. Our counsellors can assist you as a parent to discuss your children’s needs and are also happy to provide individual sessions for children and young people, after they have met you. We can also link you to support groups for different age groups in the community.

To book an appointment

Call the centre on 09 418 1457 anytime between 9.30am - 4.30pm Monday to Friday. We will ask what location you are in, briefly discuss your circumstances to determine the best counsellor for you and then discuss the counselling fees (these are based on your household income and what you can afford to pay, our goal is to provide counselling to everyone who needs it. We also help WINZ clients apply for grief counselling under the Disability Allowance).

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