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Skylight helps children, young people and their families/whanau move forward through tough times.  They produce some excellent written material, here in New Zealand, to assist in this process.  Check out their website for the full range of publications they have available.  We have the following Skylight publications for sale through The Grief Centre:


Managing trauma, loss and grief in the workplace by Skylight in partnership with EAP Works. Price: $60 (inc GST) plus post and packing.

workplace handbook cover for webThis ground breaking handbook is an essential tool that will support organisations in the development and management of their health, safety and wellbeing culture.

It has been written for employers, business owners, board trustees, senior executives, HR, managers and supervisors.

It addresses the significant challenges of trauma, loss and grief in the workplace and the implications of these on productivity and financial outcomes.

The handbook is a straight talking and strategic document.  It is 96 pages, easy to navigate, user friendly with full colour and engaging images.

It provides:

*  Core information to increase your understanding about the nature, impact and costs of trauma, loss and grief in the workplace

*   Practical guidelines to assist you to support employees, clients and customers through difficult situations and show them they are valued

*  Resilience building strategies for you and your team

*  Sources of additional help as necessary.

A Professional Development Workshop that complements this handbook is also available. Please contact Skylight directly. Enquire on 0800 299 100.

Beyond Words:  Grieving when your child has died by Andrew Thompson and Tricia Irving Hendry.  Price:  $27.80 (inc GST) plus post and packing.

beyond words for webThe death of a child is a heartfelt experience like no other.  It is a deep grief experience that goes beyond words.  The loss affects bereaved parents emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually and socially. It makes more demands on them than most others ever realise.

Many bereaved parents say that the only people who can ever genuinely begin to understand what it's like for them are other bereaved parents. Hearing from others who have 'been there' can make all the difference.  For this reason, Beyond Words is a handbook that features the honets words, perspectives and suggestions of many bereaved parents.  It also offers useful information about managing grief, support options and ideas that may be helpful on  he grief journey.  It is comforting, encouraging, informative and practical.  It will also provide understanding and insights to professionals and others seeking to effectively support bereaved parents.

What's Happened to Baby? by Skylight, SIDS Wellington and SANDS Wellington, NZ
Price: $ 16.80 (incl. GST) + shipping.  Current sale price: $15.00 (incl. GST) + shipping.
Whats Happened to Baby.jpgThis is an inviting, sensitively written and colourfully illustrated picture book for children 3–7 years old, who have had a baby die in their family/whânau. The text has been carefully designed to fit a wide range of bereavement situations, including miscarriage, stillbirth, cot death and accidental or natural deaths of an infant or toddler. It has been designed with the whole family/whânau in mind, and provides a helpful opportunity for parents and caregivers to talk with a young child about this difficult loss. The story is simple, giving young readers clear understanding and reassuring, comforting concepts to carry with them. It also offers plenty of opportunities for adults to talk with their child/children about their own beliefs and any personal thoughts they would like to share. It also features useful notes and information for adults at the back, to assist them in supporting their bereaved child. And wonderful illustrations by Ali Teo, reflecting the multi-cultural nature of the New Zealand community today.

After the Suicide of Someone You Know - for young people by Tricia Irving Hendry and Leora Hirsh
Price: $13.40 (incl. GST) + shipping.

Current sale price $8.00 (inc GST) + shippingafter-the-suicide-for-youth[1].jpg

UPDATED, NEW EDITION. This newly updated and revised edition has been specifically written for NZ young people affected by the suicide of someone they know. Simply written, in a youth friendly style and featuring colour and photos, this helps teens to process and handle what's happened. Ideal for schools, youth service providers and youth groups. It has also proved popular with young adults and adults. It is a skylight/SPINZ partnership publication and is now used widely around NZ after a suicide.


Grief Is Like A Wave              by Skylight.

Price:  $3.50 (incl. GST) + shipping

grief is like a wvaeThis colourful, youth-friendly leaflet was especially designed by Skylight for New Zealand teens. It highlights key ideas about grief and what it can be like, and also includes practical ideas about handling it. At the back, it features a wallet-sized card with helpful thoughts and info to remember. Tested and endorsed by young people themselves, it has also been used for young adults and adults who are grappling with a grief experience, no matter what it is.


Something Has Happened

$12.90 plus postage and packaging.

somethinghashappeneA popular, proven activity book for young children, 3 - 6 years, who are facing tough times. It has been designed to be personalised by each child, so it fits any difficult situation. There are guidelines on every page for a parent or carer as they help a child with the book. This book helps young children find words and ways to express and begin to process what it is that's happened to them or to someone they care about.  


Understanding the Losses that Children and Young People Face and How to Help (1st Edition)

$5.00 plus postage and packing.

understanding losses webA very practical Skylight booklet offers key information for adults wanting to understand and support children and teens they know who are grieving – whatever the cause. It is designed to be helpful for families and professionals providing valuable insights into grief and useful suggestions about ways to offer grieving young people support. Easy to dip into and easy to read. 

An updated version of this book is now available.


When Tough Stuff Happens

$13.90 plus post and packaging.

when tough stuff happensThis is a very popular Skylight activity book designed to be personalised by 7 - 12 year olds who are facing tough stuff in their lives, whatever it is. In a non-threatening, low-key way, When Tough Stuff Happens helps children find words and ways to express and begin to process what's happening in their lives. It includes many ideas from young New Zealanders themselves. It's easy to dip into and provides lots of activities to choose from.  Able to be used by children impacted by any life change, from simple losses to serious trauma.  



The Journey Through - Ideas for Getting Through Tough Times

$13.60 plus postage and packing.

The Journey Through coverA recently updated edition of this very popular title. This stylish, colourful, graphic- rich, single edition youth support magazine has been specifically written for New Zealand young people who are facing tough times of change, loss or grief - whatever the cause. This resource is written with honesty and frankness and tackles difficult issues teens may face that can cause change, loss, trauma and grief in their lives. It's designed to help readers understand, process and manage their tough experiences as positively as possible. It features true stories, quotes and the writing of New Zealand teens themselves and is supported by eight short video clips of resilient New Zealand teens, available to view on YouTube (search Skylight NZ). 



What Happens Next? by Wendy Lyons and Tricia Irving Hendry

Price: $ 16.00 (incl. GST) + shipping.  (Sale price:  $10.00 plus post and packing)
what-happens-next-web-shado.jpgThis is a very practical, supportive and informative handbook for parents, carers and other family members who are looking after and supporting a teenager or young adult with a serious mental illness. Parents and family members regularly feel not only overwhelmed by their child’s situation and its consequences, but frustrated that information to help them manage whatever comes next is very hard to find. This makes their journey extra difficult. What Happens Next? has been co-written by two Wellington parents who have supported their young adult children through mental health challenges. Wendy Lyons found her daughter’s illness thrust her, her husband and her family into intense and traumatic times. Suddenly left caring for a child whose condition was high risk, often scary and unpredictable, Wendy couldn’t believe the lack of information available. She linked with a range of other parents and began to gather their experiences and input for a handbook that others could use. Linking up with the experience of Skylight’s Tricia Irving Hendry, and using Skylight’s expertise and AXA Hearts in Action funding, this new handbook is now made available to support, encourage and inform others in this unique and demanding situation.

Rain, Hail or Shine: Exploring Change, Loss and Grief in a Carer’s World by Tricia Irving - Skylight, NZ

Price: $ 14.00 (incl. GST) + shipping.rain--hail--or-shine-09.jpg

Aimed specifically at carers, this book talks honestly and openly about the kinds of changes, losses and grief—often unacknowledged—that carers can experience and that can affect their emotions, their physical health, mental wellbeing and family life. It contains comments from carers right across New Zealand. They talk about their own grief journeys, and about what has brought them—or is still bringing them—through. A wonderful companion for your journey as a carer and to encourage you to explore your personal experience of loss and grief in your own way, and in your own time.



The Anger Toolbox: Tools for children and teens, and for those caring for them, to get through angry times (2nd Edition) by Tricia Irving, John Taylor Smith, and Jenny McIntosh
Price: $ 32.00 (incl. GST) + shipping.

anger toolbox for webThe Anger Toolbox uses a friendly, honest style, a colourful layout, evidence-based information and local New Zealand support information to engage readers effectively with this tough topic.  It provides a broad and captivating look at what anger is, its biological roots, its effects on us and strategies that children, teens and adults can learn to manage it safely and well. No one size fits all, so this handbook offers a smorgasbord of suggestions to try and is culturally inclusive.  There are insightful quotes from parents and other adults caring for children and teens from all over New Zealand.  Additionally this handbook features the expertise and written contributions of experienced specialists.  When there are angry times, whatever their cause, readers will be able to dip in and out of The Anger Toolbox for the help, support and ideas they need.




Please contact The Grief Centre on 09 4181457, or email to arrange your order.  Payment is by cash, cheque, or direct credit.  Postage and packaging costs will be added to orders.








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