The Grief Centre Story

While working at Hospice as the Family Support Coordinator, Founding Trustee Maureen Frayling became increasingly aware of the lack of grief services for those not being directly supported by Hospice.

In 2004 Maureen wrote the Grief Centre proposal, however it wasn't until 2008 that Hospice was able to support it by conducting a feasibility study.

The study surveyed thirty-six diverse organisations, and the results suggested a gap in loss and grief services for adults and children in the greater Auckland region. A degree of frustration was also expressed at the lack of services and confusion around where to refer people, suggesting a need for leadership and coordination in the area of loss and grief services.

From this initial study a business plan was prepared, however North Shore Hospice decided it was unable to continue its support of the Grief Centre mainly due to funding concerns.  Dil's Funeral Services was introduced to the Grief Centre project, took over where Hospice left off, and has been a major sponsor for the past 10 years, providing rent-free use of their building in Birkenhead and supporting the Centre financially. Services have grown significantly over the 10 years of operation and have now expanded to supporting children, adults, and families/whanau across the country, as well as training programs for professionals throughout New Zealand.

The Grief Centre is a registered with the Charities Commission (CC38713) and the Companies Office (2492361) under it's full legal name of The Grief Support and Education Charitable Trust. The Trust is committed to its Vision of Transformative Support through Loss and Grief  and to providing support for people facing all forms of loss or grief.

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