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Bereavement support

Helping you live through your loss

The Grief Centre has partnered with funeral homes to provide Bereavement Support services in New Zealand for almost 10 years and in Australia since 2019.

Our Bereavement Support team sends loss and grief resources to bereaved individuals and families, and follows up with phone calls to offer support in their time of loss and for up to a year after the bereavement.

What is Bereavement Support?

Our qualified and dedicated support workers provide a listening ear for family and whānau as often as is needed for the first year following a bereavement.

Our support includes:

  • A brochure about bereavement support, a booklet on loss and grief, and an introduction letter

  • Unlimited phone support for whānau or a family member

  • Complimentary counselling session if needed

  • Anniversary card sent on the first anniversary of the death

Ask your funeral home if they provide the Grief Centre Bereavement Support Service.

Our Partner Funeral Homes


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