About Grief Centre Counselling Services

We offer grief counseling for all forms of loss and grief in-person, over the phone and online through Zoom.  

We aim to ensure that everyone receives the help that's useful to them by making counselling affordable. We have an "affordability conversation" with each new client to set a fee for counselling. No-one is turned away. If you are on a low income or benefit you may be eligible for WINZ-funded counselling. We can provide information on how to access this.


Loss affects all our lives in its many forms which can include; the loss of a loved one or pet, the ending of a relationship, the loss of a job, an illness or change in our physical or mental functioning, moving to a new country etc. Our loss and grief services are designed to provide support in the journey of finding a 'new normal'.

Couples | Families | Whanau

Sometimes couples or families struggle after facing a significant loss or change. Communication can be a challenge as each person responds to loss in different ways. Our qualified counsellors can help to assist couples and families to express their concerns, anxiety, or sadness in a safe setting, and share their loss with each other in a meaningful way. 

Counselling Enquiry

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Thank you. Your Counselling query has been sent. We aim to respond within 1 - 3 working days. For a more immediate response please contact our office (09) 418 1457.

Grief Centre Counselling Locations


Marion House
155 Kamo Road
Whangarei 0112


Warkworth Hospice
32 Glenmore Drive
Warkworth 0910


The Practice in Orewa
498 Hibiscus Coast Highway
Auckland 0931


The Grief Centre
92 Hinemoa Street


214 Universal Drive
Auckland 0610

Highland Park

Highland Park Community House
47 Aviemore Drive
Highland Park
Auckland 2010


Friendship House
20 Putney Way
Auckland 2104


St Lukes Community Centre
130 Remuera Road
Auckland 1050


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