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 The Grief Centre office is closed from 12pm Friday 22 December, reopening Monday 08 Jan. 

New Zealand Phone: 0800 331 333

Complaints process

At the Grief Centre, we take all complaints very seriously and will ensure a thorough process is undertaken to investigate any complaint made. Please follow our complaints process outlined below.


That all people having contact with the Grief Centre are aware of their right to express dissatisfaction and the process to follow should they wish to make a complaint. Further, that people can be confident that their complaint will be handled efficiently and will not prejudice any relationships or standard of care.

Complaints Framework

 ·         Any individual has a right to lodge a complaint.

·         A complaint can be lodged verbally or in writing and is confidential. 

·         All complaints will be documented.

·         All clients and family/whānau that make a complaint must be given a copy of the Health and Disability Consumer Advocacy Service pamphlet or directed to the relevant website.

·         All written complaints are to be forwarded to the General Manager.

 Procedure for Dealing with Complaints:

1.      A complaint is received from a client or service user, either in writing or verbally – this will most likely be received via the Clinical Coordinator on the organisation’s administration email or via our 0800 331 333 number.

2.      The complaint will be forwarded to the General Manager.  The complaint will be acknowledged within five working days of receipt by the General Manager. (Right 10 6(a) of the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers Rights).  The response will include a link to the Health and Disability Advocacy Service

3.      An investigation will be undertaken by the General Manager and/or Clinical Manager and outcomes recorded. This investigation will include discussion with the complainant (where appropriate) and the team member that the complaint has been received about.

4.      The General Manager and/or Clinical Manager will send the client/service user a formal written response based on the findings of the investigation within ten working days of the receipt of the complaint.  This includes notification of any further time required to investigate the complaint.

5.      The Complaints Register will be updated, and associated correspondence filed confidentially.

ACC ISSC Client Complaints

In cases where the complainant is an ACC-funded kiritaki, all steps above will be followed. However, if a satisfactory outcome is not achieved for the kiritaki, then the General Manager will contact ACC regarding the complaint for further assistance. The General Manager will notify ACC of all serious complaints.

Anonymous Complaints

Anonymous complaints or suggestions can be made on the evaluation form given to clients during their counselling sessions. If a client opts to provide these complaints or suggestions anonymously these cannot be responded to individually but will contribute to service improvement.      

 If there is not a satisfactory resolution

If a client, family or whānau are dissatisfied with the complaint investigation/resolution process they can access the Health & Disability Consumer Advocacy Service on 0800 555 050.                   


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